Yemen: Egypt joins the fight

On 8 September 2015 Egyptian ground forces arrived in Yemen to fight against the Houthis on the side of the Sunni coalition.

Just like in Libya, key powers of the Sunni Arab alliance are demonstrating readiness to act in concert, including common military action, when their core interests are threatened. In Libya they confront Turkey’s influence. In Yemen they fight against Iran. The difference is that in Libya, at least initially, Qatar was breaking the ranks and participating on the side of Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood against the Arab coalition. In Yemen, however, Qatar is now fighting together with its fellow Gulf monarchies.

Egypt’s direct military intervention in Yemen, which is occurring simultaneously with the one by Qatar, shows determination of the Sunni Arab alliance to deal with the Iranian-backed regime in Sana’a decisively.

* * * *

Regularly updated interactive map of war in Yemen. Press View Larger Map for better view:

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The permanent page of this interactive map is here:


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