Ukraine closes its air space to Russian airplanes

On 25 November 2015 Ukraine announced it is closing its air space to all Russian planes, whether civilian or military. It also announced it stops buying Russian natural gas.

While the front line in Ukraine has stabilized for now, thus no more attracting much attention from the Western media, the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, including military one, is still very much on.


2 thoughts on “Ukraine closes its air space to Russian airplanes

  1. Media always walks ten steps behind. It’d be good for all countries to find a replacement for gas. For political and environmental reasons. I bet the majority of media has concluded Ukraine has already lost. That isn’t to say it is so, but it seems to be the atmosphere.


    • Well, in fact Ukraine so far not only has not lost, but is holding out against Russian aggression pretty well. To be sure, there are many challenges ahead. Russia cannot imagine its sphere of influence without Ukraine in it, so their activities against Ukraine will continue in the future. With high probability, this includes military activities as well.


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