Libya’s rival governments reach initial deal

On 6 December 2015 the two rival government’s in the Libyan civil war achieved initial deal to create single government and unify the country.

It remains to be seen whether the deal will be actually implemented. If it is, Libya will also have to eradicate the Daesh [ISIS] colony which has been established in parts of northern Libya, including city of Sirte.

The two sides of Libyan civil war are supported by various Middle Eastern geopolitical players. Internationally recognized government in eastern Libya is supported by the Arab coalition including Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The rival government that took control over western Libya as a result of the coup is supported by Turkey. It seems that deal between these two Libyan sides has become possible as a result of the Turkish-Arab alignment in the face of Iranian opposition, especially in Syria.

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Regularly updated interactive map of war in Libya. Press View Larger Map for better view:

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The permanent page of this interactive map is here:


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