Turkey to establish military base in Qatar

In December 2015 plans to establish Turkish military base in Qatar have been officially declared. The project is impressive with 3000 Turkish ground troops, as well as air and naval forces, to be stationed in Qatar.

Turkey and Qatar are allies and constitute one of the “camps” of powers involved in the complex and furious geopolitical struggle unfolding in the Middle East. Both powers support the Muslim Brotherhood movement that exists in most of Muslim countries. Creation of a large Turkish base in the Persian Gulf is an important move in this geopolitical game. It also underscores Turkey’s large-scale geostrategic ambitions and its will to re-establish itself as a great power – something it had not been since late 18th century.

Other “camps” involved in the struggle for influence and control in he Middle East, besides the Turkey-Qatar-Muslim Brotherhood coalition, are:

The Western powers led by U.S., with other major contributors being Britain and France;

Iran, with its satellites in Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sana, as well as its proxy Shia organizations all over the Middle East and beyond. This camp gets support from Russia which aims at complicating matters for the West.

The Sunni Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, with its most active partner being UAE;

The jihadist movement aiming to create the global caliphate, now most vividly represented by Daesh [ISIS]

Kurds have their own national project, despite their internal differences, and are not permanent members of any of these “camps”. Meanwhile, Israel, besides its alliance with U.S., is getting closer to the Sunni Arab coalition.


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