Syrian Democratic Forces liberate Tishrin dam from Daesh [ISIS]

On 26 December 2015 Syrian Democratic Forces – an alliance of Syrian Kurds and a number of Arab rebel groups supported by the U.S. – captured Tishrin dam from Daesh.

SDF had launched their southward offensive from the area of town Sarrin days ago. With the capture of Tishrin dam their first objective has been accomplished.

The development is quite significant. Tishrin dam is also strategic bridge between eastern and western banks of Euphrates. While Daesh still can move to their territory on the western bank through other bridges closer to Ar Raqqah, loss of Tishrin dam will hamper their communication with the front lines in Alleppo Province.

Another significant factor is the fact that capture of Tishrin dam brings mortal enemies of Daesh closer to their capital of Ar Raqqah, yet Daesh has not been able to stop their advance so far. This could imply increasing vulnerability of Daesh as a geopolitical and military entity.

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Regularly updated interactive map of war in Syria & Iraq. Press View Larger Map for better view:

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