Syrian rebels’ northern enclave faces possible destruction

After breaking the siege of Nubl and Zahraa, Syrian regime forces launched attack northward. By 8 February they were engaged in fighting for Kafr Naya, just 5 kilometers south of the rebel-held town of Tall Rifat.

Meanwhile, Syrian Kurds from the Afrin enclave use the situation to expand their territory by taking areas from the rebels before regime’s forces capture them. After taking a number of villages in recent days, on 8 February they took the town of Deir Jamal.

As a result of the regime and Kurdish advance, the northern enclave of the rebels near the Turkish border, with the towns of Azaz, Tall Rifat and Morea among others, has been cut from the rest of the rebel-held territory and faces serious threat of annihilation.

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Regularly updated interactive map of war in Syria & Iraq. Press View Larger Map for better view:

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The permanent page of this interactive map is here:


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